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Men Casual 2.75Inches/7CM Coffee Lift Shoes

Men Casual 2.75Inches/7CM Coffee Lift Shoes

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Product Details

Coffee Front Tie Rubber Suede Men's Taller Shoes
Classically inspired all Coffee leather casual shoes with 2 ring eyelet lace-up.
Low top 2.75 Inches taller. Rubberized grip bottom. Leather upper for lightweight and breathability.
Totally invisible, will not be notice by others even when you take it off.
Enhance physical appearance.
Soft and comfortable for all day wear.
These shoes will appear as normal as they look, yet giving you the increase that you need.
Lightweight construction design and of course durable.
Made of highest quality leather and with best care.
Stylish & Comfort (Satisfaction Guaranteed).

Casual yet stylish, these coffee suede leather shoes with two ring eyelet lace-up add 2.75 inches/ 7 cm to your height and the increasers are totally invisible and will not be noticed even when you take the shoes off. Made of the highest quality leather and with the greatest of care, these shoes are designed to make you feel comfortable and can be worn all day. They are lightweight and durable and allow your foot to breathe. Style and comfort are what these shoes are all about.

This stylish suede leather shoe is subtle yet classy. With a soft suede leather upper body and plumule wool lining with cushioned footbed, these shoes blend comfort and style perfectly. This shoe will increase your height by 7cm / 2.75 inches.